Developing Self-Confidence, Self-Discipline & Self-Esteem in Children

A Personal Profile of
Zen Master

My name is Trialfa Ankh-Maat Omega – a name given to me by my extraordinary spiritual teacher – Master Zhyrron. The interpretation of my name in the ancient Greco-Egyptian era is “Living in the truth.” My students respectfully address me as KYOSHI. I proudly announce the accomplishment of my life long quest of Mastership in the art of Zen. Zen in its most innocent and non-dogmatic meaning is liberation of the human spirit (soul). It took me thirty five years of extreme ascetic life to achieve Mastership according to the standards and qualifications taught to me by my Chinese Zen teacher. According to my Zen teacher there are three achievements that unmistakably signify that a Zen practitioner has mastered the way of spiritual liberation. Those achievements are: (1) Soul consciousness (2) Satori – enlightenment (3) Nirvana – serenity and divine happiness. “The credentials of a true Zen Master, quoting my teacher , are the patterns of his righteous behavior, the quality of his spiritual life, and the distinct impression and dynamic impact he makes upon humanity.” My life is totally committed and dedicated to those credentials.

My teacher spoke emphatically regarding the corruption that has infiltrated the oriental lineage of Zen and the transmission of Mastership. He warned me of the opposition and dissent of Zen orthodoxy. My teacher discouraged me in my pursuit of liberation of my spirit in a land ( orient ) that suppresses the human spirit through ancient tradition and systematic patriarchy. He in turned encouraged me to pursue the liberation of my soul, the enlightenment of my mind (Satori), and the discovery of the kingdom of God ( Nirvana ) in the most liberated land on planet earth – America. In success of my 35 year ambition I proudly claim to be an American Zen Master and founder of the American doctrine of Zen called Nung-Budo-Ky. I define Nung-Budo-Ky as the art and practice of becoming a perfect human being, and the science of achieving soul consciousness, Satori, and Nirvana by way of meditation, Divine love, and a rightful life of truth through the experience of Zen.

I have been a martial arts fanatic ever since the age of 12 years old. I have been a passionate practitioner for well over four and a half decades. At the age of 58 years young I won't hesitate to call martial arts my religion. One of the greatest blessings of my martial arts career was the golden opportunity to train in the orient at the age of 18 years old during my military duty in the war of Vietnam , and receive both spiritual and physical training in martial arts from some very impressive teachers. It has had a profound impact upon my life to have witnessed the vitality, health, happiness and longevity of my 91 year old Chinese Zen teacher who attributed his serene state of being to a spiritual life founded upon the way of Zen and martial arts for almost a century. I was engulfed with emulation by my precious spiritual teacher. Being a confused teenager of the Baby Boomer Generation and victim of the chaos of the New Age Movement of the 60's, this dynamic spiritual experience set precedence in my life forever!

In the late sixties I decided to create my own style of martial arts because the ancient tradition of other styles restricted my expression of creative techniques and lacked the level of self-discipline and spiritual training that I had become so accustomed to in the orient. Back then Masters frowned upon anyone introducing new techniques outside the sacred composition and protocol of the ethnicity of their traditional styles of martial arts. In 1969 I created my own style of martial arts and called it Nungkyyii (nung-ky-yi-ee) . The teachings of martial arts at that time in America were vastly popularized with self-defense training and the ability to subdue the assailant. Spiritual cultivation was seriously lacking in the cultural fabric of the westernization of martial arts practice, and unable to escape the clutches of commercialism and the capitalistic demand of profit. Oriental Masters that did not flee the material assault upon their spirit had no choice but sacrifice the teachings of spirituality and take full advantage of the opportunity to gain wealth from martial arts instructions.

My Zen teacher had successfully engrained within my heart, mind and soul the inseparability of the practices of Zen and martial arts as a spiritual way of life. In reminding me quite often, his quote was, “Martial arts practice that lacks the cultivation and disciplinary training of the human spirit is a form of restriction comparable to physical training wearing a blindfold.”

I returned from the orient on a spiritual mission with a sacred debt to pay in love and memory of my Zen teacher. My mission was to revolutionize the way of martial arts in America and make the practice of Zen and martial arts an inseparable union of spiritual living. My debt and allegiance to my Zen teacher was to become an American Zen Master by achieving the way of spiritual liberation in a westernized culture of modern day era. This year, 2006 marks the 38 th year of my mission. It has taken over three and a half decades of preparation for such a dynamic human endeavor.

Since I embarked upon my mission in 1968 I have made spirituality a mandatory practice of every student ever taught by me, with the exception of children too young to comprehend spirituality. I forever take pride in having never charged my students of spirituality a monetary fee for their training. I place my wisdom and experiential knowledge far beyond monetary value. Meditation, vegetarianism, rightful living and divine communion were the requirements pledged by each student to practice diligently upon acceptance as a disciplinarian of Nungkyyii. In 1970 I created the Purple Dragons Martial Arts Movement and attracted martial arts teachers from around the martial arts arena. In 1971 I introduced a rough draft of my vision of the University of Nungkyyii – a 25,000 acre, $5,000,000,000 institution of knowledge. I have long dreamed of developing and constructing the most advanced school of academics, technology and martial arts on planet earth. The University of Nungkyyii will definitely establish such a hallmark of humanity within the near future. In 1972 I started a spiritual commune that lasted for 10 years. My senior students quit their jobs and became full time disciples. In the course of a decade I had revolutionized my style of Nungkyyi into a martial arts system comprised of six styles, including my own style of American Zen – Nung-Budo-Ky. Between 1973 and 1979 I was the reigning Grand Champion of Greg Tearney's Empire State Karate Championships Tournament in Syracuse , N.Y. six consecutive years. I retired undefeated in 1979. In 1974 my top black belt student defeated the world heavy weight champion Joe Lewis at the Hidy Ochi Open Karate Championships Tournament in Binghamton , N.Y. In 1975 I received a charity grant from a wealthy philanthropist by the name of Jack Frank, and I opened a charter school in Rochester , N.Y. and introduced my concept of progressivism in academics. I called my progressive education system Exceptional Education. That same year the school was closed by undermining political pressure from the board of education due to the fact that martial arts training was a mandatory curriculum of my school. The president of the Rochester school board justified all action against my Purple Dragons Academy for the reason he stated was a provocation of more violence in schools. He claimed that karate being taught to gangsters would only make these hoodlums greater hoodlums. In 1976 a friend of mine Dr. Wilson, the principal of West High School suggested that I take my education system as an experimental project to a poverty stricken area where politics had a much lesser interest in governing education. I went to the city of Bayamon on the Island of Puerto , Rico where one of my Purple Dragons instructors resided. I received a grant from IBM to conduct a model of my Exceptional Education system and its teaching and learning methodology I call D.A.V. E. (Dramatic Audio-Visual Experience). Although the project came to an end within six months due to the expenditure of funding, I successfully proved to parents the power of combining academics with martial arts training to cultivate self-consciousness, self-discipline, self-confidence, self-worth, self-respect and self-esteem, which develops greater levels of will and desire in children to learn and excel in academic performance. In 1975 I matriculated in the Rochester Institute of Theology and graduated in 1977 with a Masters in Philosophy and a Doctorate in Theology. In 1980 I moved to Denver , Colorado and spent the next two decades planning my strategy of financing my mission, achieving my objectives and enduring the ascetic life of my spiritual journey. In 1999 I launched my long developed strategy by creating The Omega Man website and hosting my own radio talk show called Youth Corp Radio. I went through a seven year challenge of downfalls, obstacles, trials and tribulations. Here it is the year 2006 and I am extremely excited and psyched up to initiate another launch of my mission, with hopes that this is the year of destiny. I have chosen the Endangered Specie Movement for Children as the theme of my human endeavor. My strategy is armed with 10 websites, the Youth Corp Movement and a promising film career of lucrative reward from my Zodiac Pictures & Park Corporation and Omega Films Company, which I hope will generate adequate funding for my projects.

My Karate Krazy Kids program is my starting point as an exciting program that I hope to capture both the interest and attention of the child and parents and help them develop their relationship into a more loving, caring and responsible parenthood that will result in a greater cultivation of the child's health, education, welfare and overall well being.


Base Karate Instructor:
Keesler Air Force Base,     Biloxi , Miss. 1968-69
Physical Education Director:
Arnette Branch YMCA, Rochester, N.Y. 1969-72
Executive Director of New Life Council
Rochester , N.Y. 1974-1975
Grand Master: Purple Dragons Martial Arts Academy
Nungkyyii Martial Arts System, Since 1969
Founder and Executive Director:
Youth Corp Movement, Since 1970

Major Accomplishments:

Ordained Minister and Assistant Pastor to Dr. Herbert Shankle:
Church of Divine Love, Rochester N.Y. 1975-78
American Zen Master:
Temple of Nung-Budo-Ky                        Present

Martial Arts:
Twelve Time Karate Grand Champion
Empire Karate Championships Grand Champion
Six consecutive years                                1973-79
Grand Master of the Purple Dragons Martial Arts
Founder of the Purple Dragons Pedagogue Society
Founder of the Nungkyyii Martial Arts System

Doctorate of Theology
The Rochester Institute of Theology                 1977
Philosopher of Progressive Education
Founder of the Exceptional Education System
Creator of the Progressive Education Methodology
D.A.V.E. (Dramatic Audio-Visual Experience)
Founder of the Purple Dragons Martial Arts Teachers Academy
Designer/Creator of The University of Nungkyyii