Developing Self-Confidence, Self-Discipline & Self-Esteem in Children

          This website is in conjunction to my Youth Corp Movement and its "Endangered Specie Movement for Children," regarding the cultivation of children's health, education, welfare, well-being and their self-development (self-discipline, self-consciousness, self-confidence, self-worth, self-respect, self-esteem) see

          I am committed to raising the level of consciousness of the minds of parents regarding the value of their children. I created the Concerned Parents Organization with intention of cultivating the act of parenting to a more intelligent, educated, economical and responsible status of professionalism. As a child advocate, I profoundly encourage that children be acknowledged as the most worthwhile investment in the world. Investing love, time, money, support and conscious care into the development of children's, health, education, welfare and well-being, is a far greater prosperous investment than all the stock investments on Wall Street.

          Due to the health crisis that threatens American life, especially children, I have decided to launch a program of discipline, diet and exercise, specially designed to successfully address the health condition of children. My program is founded upon the rigorous training and strenuous workout of martial arts, which in my opinion is the most dynamic form of discipline and exercise in existence.

          If however, your children do not participate in my Karate Krazy Kids self-development program, I strongly urge and recommend that parents find a reputable karate school with a knowledgeable, experienced and responsible teacher, and enroll your children in martial arts training for the sake of their health, discipline and requirement of adequate exercise.

Zen Master